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Welcome to SmartPoint®  and our new real-time, micro-location (RTML) knowledge, information, communications, and digital transformation (DX) platform.  

SmartPoint's new multi-patented, interoperable, and AI-enhanced SmartAddress®, AddressPlus®,  CityPlus®,  and 1M™  RTML knowledge, information, communications and DX technologies enable extremely precise 2D, 3D, and 4D, sub-street address level "micro-location" references.   They combine with our OneMap™ RTML location registry, and clearinghouse and our real-time, permission-based LocationPlus™ privacy technologies to substantially improve and power all RTML mapping knowledge, hyper-local information and communications, particularly with voice enabled devices using Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant.    These DX technologies combine to enable the next generation of voice and AI enabled ride, delivery, search, navigation and other services, especially services that are driven by drones, robots, autonomous devices, AR, and VR. 

We are quickly approaching the limits of existing technologies and infrastructure to provide RTML knowledge to everyone through all services.     Our SmartPoint DX technologies and foundational platforms will drive massive increases in usability, convenience, savings of time, money, and fuel/emissions, safety, and security, interoperability, and innovation and user controlled privacy to power next and future generations of numerous ride, delivery, and other services and end users. 

SmartPoint's new and multi-patented RTML registry and clearinghouse is designed to be a first step toward creating an effective, open single source of truth for RTML knowledge, information and services for all industries and providers.   We intend to combine the power of SmartPoint's RTML technology with the AI-enabled RTML and brand search capabilities of our sister companies, SpeedFind®  and BrandFind®, to power the next generation of maps, navigation, search, and RTML information and services to save everyone frustration, time, money, fuel/emissions and helping the environment. 


Good For Everyone

Good For Our Planet

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Smart For Homeowners

Smart homes start with SmartAddress.   SmartPoint saves everyone time, money, fuel/emissions, and frustration finding things with easy, instant access to precise, near-perfect, real-time  'direct from the source' location information. SmartPoint makes it easy to provide visitors near perfect directions and easy rideshare, precise pickup and deliveries, etc.  It helps homeowners and service providers document where everything is and permanently store and quickly access detailed information.    It also helps emergency services by providing critical micro-location information about the location and occupants.

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Smart For Service Providers

SmartPoint will save service providers like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, GrubHub, Postmates, and even Fedex, Amazon, and UP $10's of millions annually in costs, including reducing time, mileage and fuel expense and emissions.    Imagine the future with SmartPoint's SmartAddress locators identifying the EXACT pickup or drop off points, drone delivery zones, or curbside pickup location and almost never getting lost and wasting time, money, and fuel/emissions. 

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Smart For Owners & Businesses

 SmartPoint enables anyone to create their own SmartPoint pinpoint location(s) to instantly share their micro-local knowledge with anyone.  From real-time Covid-19 messaging to facilitating touchless food and parcel deliveries, SmartPoint has you covered. 

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Smart for Property Managers

SmartPoint helps residential business multi-tenant property managers impress tenants and visitors with real-time information and messages like critical COVID-19 compliance notices, precise parking, rideshare and delivery information and an easy and quick way to get information or report a problem/need with any with pinpoint precision about any location or device, which also reduces opex and maintenance costs.   

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Smart For Visitors

Great customer experiences start with SmartPoint

   SmartPoint provides customers instant access to more precise, accurate, timely and helpful information.  From current COVID-19 status and rules at stores, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, government and charitable facilities, to saving time and money finding nearby deals and specials, to ordering and picking them up, or asking for help or reporting a problem, SmartPoint is designed to help our customers wow their customers and visitors.   

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Smart For Our Planet

SmartPoint will help our miracle planet by helping everyone reduce CO2 emissions - one location and trip at a time.   Near-perfect "to the door" directions and expediting post COVID car-pooling, public transit, and parcel and food deliveries will reduce mileage and fuel consumption significantly.  Our rough estimates show that SmartPoint will save over 100 million pounds CO2 emissions annually in the U.S. from rideshare alone at pre-COVID usage levels. That doesn't count deliveries and everyday driving.  



SmartPoint makes it much easier and faster to access accurate, real-time information to streamline your visit and share locations. 

Safety and Security

Sharing your exact location with precise directions and instructions to minimize risks. 

Save Time and Money

Precise pinpoint location information for routing, curbside pickup, indoor navigation, and nearby products and services. 

Data and Business Intelligence

SmartPoint will generate millions of valuable data points for both business and artificial intelligence.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

SmartPoint will reduce wasted miles and time, reducing 10's of millions of pounds of CO2 emissions annually. 


For end users, SmartPoint’s unique real-time permission based privacy system provides unmatched privacy controls. 




Smart Buildings and Indoor Positioning

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Deliveries and Logistics

Hospital and Home Healthcare Logistics

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Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitality


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E911 and Other Emergency Services

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Smart Homes

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Farms, Lands, Parks and Lakes etc

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The SmartPoint Story



An Address for Everything

SmartPoint is a real-time micro-location services platform.  Using our patented cutting-edge technologies and services, we provide a simple universal micro-location addressing, information and navigation system to make everyone's life easier and enable the next generation of autonomous devices and micro-location based services.

Co-founded by an early pioneer in mobile, local search, today we are driven by a desire to do good and be good -- for our customers, our users, all types of micro-location industries, most importantly our planet, and everyone in between.     

We intend to fill a void in the industry by enabling and encouraging the creation and operation of a much needed and more robust real-time, micro-location management and information system for everyone and everything that can begin to serve as  much-needed single source of truth for micro-location information.  

Why not join us and become a SmartPoint customer?  Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SmartPoint story, and how SmartPoint can help you.  




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The Smartest Way To Go

SmartPoint's SmartAddress® CityPlus®, AddressPlus®, and 1M™ micro-locators are clearly shorter and simpler than all of the other options.    However, they are also more precise, powerful and user and machine friendly.    Imagine yourself in a hurry and trying to text any of the foregoing or talk to your Uber or Lyft driver or 9-1-1 responder to communicate your EXACT location.  The SmartPoint 1M micro-locator number is very short and easy to communicate, and it can also provide instant access to a host of features, services, and information tied to that exact location.    1M locators are incredibly easy to use on phones, with Siri or Alex, and in documents, spreadsheets, databases, search, and programming.    SmartPoint 1M micro-locators also support RTML references in 2D, 3D, hierarchical, hybrid, structured, random, open and encrypted systems.   Users and machines have consistent interfaces, yet the locators can be resolved in different ways, creating an incredibly powerful and elegant platform for future generations of users and services.    

SmartPoint's SmartAddress system is foundational to nexgen RTML systems much like todays phone numbers for telephone calls and texts, or domain names for the Internet.      SmartPoint's  SmartAddress platform provides that critical foundational addressing system that is not only easier to use than any other system, but provides the structural framework for ubiquitous interoperability and virtually limitless features and capabilities.  

SmartPoint RTML and AI technologies combine to provide a much needed new, foundational RTML knowledge engine for all locations, but especially sub-street level information, communications, services.