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The Smartest Way To Go®

Welcome to SmartPoint®  and our new real-time, micro-location (RTML) information and communications platform.  

   SmartPoint's multi-patented, interoperable MicroMap®, SmartAddress®, SmartRide®, AddressPlus®,  CityPlus®, 1M™, and 1Meter™ location number technologies enable  new, extremely precise sub-street address level "micro-location" references and a new, foundational and much-needed RTML information, communications, services, and data/BI platform and ecosystem.  Our goal is to make our technology available for all map, local information, ride, delivery, and other services and the next generation of autonomous devices and services enabled and enhanced by AI, AR, VR, AVs and devices.   SmartPoint will drive and support massive cost-savings, efficiency, interoperability, and innovation.   

SmartPoint's new RTML registry and clearinghouse is designed to be a first step toward creating an effective, open single source of truth for RTML information and services for all industries and providers. 


SmartPoint is Good for Owners, Good For Users, and Good for The Planet


Good For Owners

Own and Shepherd Your SmartPoint Locations For Everyone

Whether helping provide real-time updates and messaging for COVID-19 essential services or encouraging and facilitating touchless food deliveries, SmartPoint enables anyone to create their own SmartPoint pinpoint location(s) to control and instantly share their micro-local knowledge with anyone.

Good for Users

Instant Access to Direct From the Source™ Information 

SmartPoint provides users exact, real-time information and messages directly from the owner, from potentially life-saving critical COVID-19 compliance notices and other information to current hours, exactly where to park, where NOT to park, where to charge the EV, and even current information and specials.

Good For The Planet

From reducing COVID-19 to reducing fuel emissions! 

SmartPoint started to drive much-needed efficiency and save everyone time, money, and fuel/emissions.  Today we have pivoted from convenience to crisis, redeploying our advanced technology to help patients find COVID-19 test centers, maximize social distancing and providing a critical framework for real-time COVID-19 information to help get everyone back to work and the economy growing again.   Once we help do that, we will turn our attention back to making it easy for anyone to help save the planet by providing near-perfect RTML information to save everyone time, money, and reduce fuel/emissions.

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The SmartPoint® Story

An Address for Everything®

SmartPoint is a micro-location services platform using our patented cutting-edge technologies and services to provide a simple universal micro-location addressing, information and navigation system to make everyone's life easier and enable the next generation of autonomous devices and micro-location based services.

Co-founded by an early pioneer in mobile, local search, today we are driven by a desire to do good and be good -- for our customers, our users, all types of micro-location industries, most importantly our planet, and everyone in between.     

We intend to fill a void in the industry by enabling and encouraging the creation and operation of a much needed and more robust real-time, micro-location management and information system for everyone and everything that can begin to serve as  much-needed single source of truth for micro-location information.  

Why not join us and become a SmartPoint customer?  Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SmartPoint story, and how SmartPoint can help you.  


Legal Notices

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