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Easier and faster identification  and access to accurate, real-time information/services for indoor and other sub-street address micro-locations.

Safety and Security

SmartPoint enables you to verbally sharing your exact room or other location in an emergency. 

Save Time and Money

Precise pinpoint location information and routing for deliveries, rideshare,  navigation, and nearby products and services. 

Data and Business Intelligence

SmartPoint generate s millions of valuable data points for both business and artificial intelligence.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

SmartPoint will reduce  10's of millions of pounds of CO2 emissions annually by providing near-perfect directions and wayfinding. 


SmartPoint's unique real-time permission based privacy system provides unmatched privacy controls to our users. 



Smart Buildings and Indoor Positioning

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Deliveries and Logistics

Hospital and Home Healthcare Logistics

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Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitality


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E911 and Other Emergency Services

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Smart Homes

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Farms, Lands, Parks and Lakes etc

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The SmartPoint Story



An Address for Everything

SmartPoint is a real-time micro-location services platform.  Based on our patented SmartAddress ID and several other related features, we improve the last mile economy with the last mile to last meter, to the door directions, information, and services.   SmartPoint will make everyone's life easier and enable the next generations of autonomous devices, micro-location for logistics, and micro-location-based services to be much better and more efficient. 

Co-founded by the inventors of mobile, local proximity-based search IBM's Watson AI technologies, today we are driven by a desire to help everyone help others every day.  We make it easy for our customers and others to save time, money, and fuel/emissions every day, further helping our planet.   

Our SmartPoint platform fills a much-needed void for extremely precise real-time, last mile to last meter navigation by enabling precise voidable location references combined with real-time, room-specific information and services.    SmartPoint reduces the costs of deliveries, rides, and transportation while increasing safety and security and further enables a much-needed single source of truth for micro-location information.  

Why not join us and become a SmartPoint partner/customer?  Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SmartPoint story, and how SmartPoint can help you help others and our planet.  




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The Smartest Way To Go

SmartPoint's SmartAddress® CityPlus®, AddressPlus®, and 1M™ micro-locators are clearly shorter and simpler than all of the other options.    However, they are also more precise, powerful and user and machine friendly.    Imagine yourself in a hurry and trying to text any of the foregoing or talk to your Uber or Lyft driver or 9-1-1 responder to communicate your EXACT location.  The SmartPoint 1M micro-locator number is very short and easy to communicate, and it can also provide instant access to a host of features, services, and information tied to that exact location.    1M locators are incredibly easy to use on phones, with Siri or Alex, and in documents, spreadsheets, databases, search, and programming.    SmartPoint 1M micro-locators also support RTML references in 2D, 3D, hierarchical, hybrid, structured, random, open and encrypted systems.   Users and machines have consistent interfaces, yet the locators can be resolved in different ways, creating an incredibly powerful and elegant platform for future generations of users and services.    

SmartPoint's SmartAddress system is foundational to nexgen RTML systems much like todays phone numbers for telephone calls and texts, or domain names for the Internet.      SmartPoint's  SmartAddress platform provides that critical foundational addressing system that is not only easier to use than any other system, but provides the structural framework for ubiquitous interoperability and virtually limitless features and capabilities.  

SmartPoint RTML and AI technologies combine to provide a much needed new, foundational RTML knowledge engine for all locations, but especially sub-street level information, communications, services.