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An Address For Everything®

Welcome to SmartPoint®  and our new MicroMap® micro-location services platform.  SmartPoint's patented MicroMap®, SmartAddress®, SmartRide®, AddressPlus®,  CityPlus®, 1MTR™, and 1Meter™ technologies create new, sub-street address level, precise "micro-location" references and information systems for rideshare, food and parcel delivery, wayfinding, parking, asset tracking, indoor positioning, property and asset management/services, E911 and other emergency services, and extremely granular business information for local search, advertising, and data/business intelligence.  The SmartPoint real-time MicroMap micro-location registry and clearinghouse is designed to be a first step toward an open single source of truth (SSOT) for micro-locations available to all users, devices and services. 

We are passionate about providing and enabling much-needed efficiency in navigation, rides, deliveries, parking, and other micro-locations services to help reduce wasted time and fuel (and carbon emissions) by providing near-perfect directions to/from initial starting points and destinations.   Our goal is to help reduce fuel consumption by millions of gallons annually while also helping users save millions of hours every year that they currently waste with less than perfect directions, hunting for parking, or wayfinding to/from their their origins and destinations.   

Our patented human and machine friendly MicroMap® technologies also help meet the mission-critical needs of AI and autonomous transportation, delivery, and similar automated devices and services that require more accurate, precise and timely location information.    

Whether it's for various types of parking or rideshare services like Lyft, Uber, and Waymo;  package deliveries by the USPO, Amazon, FedEx, and UPS; or food delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats and Postmates or the dozens of restaurants and other businesses that are doing their own deliveries, SmartPoint provides a single interoperable SmartAddress system for pinpoint micro-location addressing, routing, and information.   

We provide real-estate owners, occupants and others of all shapes and sizes a single system to capture, manage, control and selectively share exact, sub-street level micro-locations, routing and related information and make real-time information available to anyone.  The SmartPoint registry is designed to provide a universal SSOT for virtually all micro-location services, owned and curated by the owner/occupant of the property, in a way that helps all users and service providers.    Subject at all times to our new patented privacy protection systems enabling real-time owner-control of if, who, when, how, why and to what extent others can access SmartAddress location information, we provide all micro-locations services a single platform to access and use precise, accurate and timely micro-location information. 

Today SmartPoint helps riders and drivers save time, money, frustration and emissions by providing more accurate 'last mile' directions to building and parking lot entrances, special EV, carpool, handicapped, and other specialized parking locations, and other amenities.  Tomorrow SmartPoint will be a key component of the digital transformation of entire properties, buildings, and other locations to enable the next generation of wayfinding, automated transportation, drone and robotic delivery, AV parking and services, and the capturing and sharing of the exact location of trillions of IoT devices. 

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SmartPoint is Good for Owners, Good For Users, and Good for The Planet


Good For Owners

Own and Shepherd Your SmartPoint Locations For Everyone

Whether helping manage pedestrian or traffic flow around cities, offices, apartments or other places, or helping the pizza delivery person know exactly where and how to deliver the piping hot pizza, SmartPoint enables anyone to create their own SmartPoint location(s) to control and instantly share their micro-local knowledge with anyone.

Good for Users

Instant Access to Direct From the Source™ Information 

SmartPoint will soon provide users with accurate, timely, curated and detailed "Direct from the Source" micro-location information about locations, including how to get there, where to park, where NOT to park, where to charge the EV, etc.

Good For The Planet

Every Little Bit Helps!

How much fuel/ carbon emissions could we save if we never (ok, rarely) got lost, never took wrong turns, drove straight to the appropriate parking (even exact space someday) and never drove around or waited with the car idling trying to find someone or something (including a parking space)?   SmartPoint makes it easy for anyone to help save the planet by providing near-perfect micro-location information to help everyone navigate to/from you and your locations - one SmartPoint location and trip at a time.   SmartPoint's SmartRide® pooling also encourages and facilitates ride pooling, which really saves fuel, emissions, and congestion.  

The SmartPoint® Story

An Address for Everything®

SmartPoint is a micro-location services platform using our patented cutting-edge technologies and services to provide a simple universal micro-location addressing, information and navigation system to make everyone's life easier and enable the next generation of autonomous devices and micro-location based services.

Co-founded by an early pioneer in mobile, local search, today we are driven by a desire to do good and be good -- for our customers, our users, all types of micro-location industries, most importantly our planet, and everyone in between.     

We intend to fill a void in the industry by enabling and encouraging the creation and operation of a much needed and more robust real-time, micro-location management and information system for everyone and everything that can begin to serve as  much-needed single source of truth for micro-location information.  

Why not join us and become a SmartPoint customer?  Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SmartPoint story, and how SmartPoint can help you.  


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