SmartPoint's Patented LocationPlus™ System Enables New Game-Changing Location Services.

SmartPoint's LocationPlus™ System re-enables U.S. Wireless Carriers to provide their customers game changing, state-of-the-art real-time, micro-location (RTML) information, communications, and services like never before, providing incredibly valuable convenience, efficiency, safety, security, and privacy, all the while helping subscribers save time, money, and fuel/emissions to help save the planet.

From real-time Covid19 information for any location to Emergency 9-1-1 and everything in between, LocationPlus™ may become the most valuable non-voice, text, or data service ever offered by wireless carriers! 

For several years now, U.S. based wireless carriers have been unable to provide enterprise level carrier network location information to their subscribers and other valuable and potentially life-saving services like AAA Roadside Assistance because of privacy and other concerns.  This has prevented even rudimentary location capabilities from being integrated into voice and text services, relegating all location services to be delivered through mobile applications and websites, over which the wireless carriers have virtually no control or input.  This has kept wireless carriers from providing robust location services to their subscribers with a simple, cohesive system with consumer safeguards for their privacy protection, and in fact has caused wireless carriers to cede consumer privacy protection to device manufacturers, operating systems, and purveyors of apps and websites.      Even worse, it has limited location services to the data channel tht is filled with thousands of apps and websites and made Google and Apple the de facto primary privacy protectors.   This slew and hodge-podge of players, both big and small, and frankly both good and bad, have essentially been left to their own devices to use and exploit location information and services with minimal user protections and controls. 

    In fact, some of the biggest culprits of assimilating and monetizing location information obtained by hook or crook were the biggest digital titans of the industry.   You know their names, and we don't want to mention them here.   However, there are also hundreds of lesser known names and services that leverage their own and others' location information from users, in theory in the internet of providing you better service.    Yet the wireless carriers were powerless to thwart the companies' exploitation of consumers as these players slowly but surely increased their use of location information to make more money and, with little or no concern for users' privacy, often resorting to obscure trickery and undecipherable legalese to get and make money off of more and more location information from more and more unsuspecting users.

    SmartPoint's new LocationPlus™ real-time permission-based, variable privacy system will change this dynamic and enable wireless carriers to provide their customers with new powerful controls of their location information, digital maps, directions and other services, and RTML navigation and communications, thereby also enabling a plethora of such service provided over voice, digital, and text channels, enabling heretofore unavailable killer voice, digital, and text apps that can safely use dynamic location formation that will benefit consumers substantially.      This is made possible by our multi-patented real-time permission-based controls that will empower carriers once again to be the overarching guardian of their customers privacy, initially over voice and text channels, but potentially over all data channels as more and more consumers elect to use the robust privacy conrols included with LocationPlus™ by the carriers.    For the first time ever, users will be able to control their own location informatoin in real-time and determine who, where, when, how, why, and to what extent others can access their location information through their personal phone numbers, biometric attributes (e.g. facial and voice recognition), social media handles, and all other personal identifiers.   LocationPlus™ is a single solution designed to work across numerous services and provide subscribers real-time variable privacy controls so that such information is available to others for maps, directions, and related services ONLY at the option of the owner/user and can be variably and conditionally controlled in real-time.  With LocationPlus™, users control the use of their RTML information by third parties to provide location services users want -- if, when and how users want!   While initially these controls will likely be limited to calling, voice and text messaging services, LocationPlus™ Privacy  is expected ultimately to expand to all apps, websites, and services, enabling users to have total control over their location inforamtion through a single unified solution.    This will enable wireless carriers to leverage their networks, includig their new distributed and multi-antenna 5G networks, to not only provide more robust, accurate and precise location information and services, but to enable the next generation of such services to owners and owner-authorized service providers, all the while ensuring that owners maintain absolute control of their private location information.   This is a huge win for consumers, and it allows trusted wireless carriers to finally offer better and more protected location services than apps and websites over browsers. 

      Combining these capabilities with SmartPoint's patented 1M™ locator system also enables -- importantly again at all times subject to the owner's control -- a new level of infinitely precise 2D, 3D, and even privacy encrypted location referencing, directions and other mapping services that are far more accurate, usable and functional than any other location referencing technologies or services available today or on the horizon.   It's all about convenience for users and helping uses save time, money, fuel/emissions, and providing them new and previously unavailable levels of privacy, safety and security. 

    These foundational technologies and systems combine to enable wireless carriers (and others) the ability to leverage their existing and new carrier and private enterprise 5G wireless networks to provide digital maps and related RTML mapping services to end users like never before.   It also enables wireless carriers to seamlessly integrate RTML services with voice, text, and other channels in new and compelling ways so compelling location services are not only available with data, mobile applications, and websites that use this information today.  This platform opens up several new categories of RTML mapping services over digital services, including calling, voice and text, which also makes these important services available to and controllable by a much broader range of consumers. 

   Interested in how LocationPlus™ real-time variable privacy will change the world?   Contact us today to learn more.