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SmartPoint: The Most Innovative and Result-Driven Micro Location Service Provider

Looking at the current stage where GPS is on the verge of revolutionizing the whole world, it’d be right to say that micro-location is not far behind. Services like GPS and Google Maps are leading the world that we know. Business ventures like e-commerce are partially dependent on these services.

Besides relying on these technologies, a company decided to go a different route on its own. SmartPoint has launched a service that is expected to turn location sharing into a mere task. It managed to become the most reliable micro-location service provider and is expected to lead multiple industries.

The Anticipated Uses of SmartPoint’s SmartAddress Technology

- Indoor positioning and indoor positioning

- Logistics and deliveries

- Hotels and resorts

- Parking

- Emergency services

- Smart homes (future-ready homes)

- Farms, lands, lakes, and golf courses

The Goal

Our service, i.e., SmartAddress, is all about providing the user a universal location registry. You can expect real-time micro-location without a fuss. Now you must be thinking; how does that work? Well, the whole process is pretty straightforward. Just like telephone numbers provide a critical universal referencing system, we use SmartAddress to enable multi-location addresses to work across different maps and location-based apps/services.

SmartPoint is all set to make a difference in industries like logistics and hospitality. Our services are both customer and service-centric. We are also planning on making a breakthrough in AI automation and VR. Our services are expected to drive a massive increase in inconvenience, time efficiency, security, and privacy.

Benefits of Relying On a Micro Location Service

- Can help you find things

By simply relying on an indoor positioning solution provider, you can easily locate things that are spread all over the place. You can use indoor positioning to map the entire warehouse. With the help of guided automated vehicles, you can look for parts, tools, pallets, and even employees.

- Can detect cars at a parking lot

This is probably the most amazing use of micro-location as car manufacturing companies can use it. They can install smart parking to locate the car at a packed or blacked-out parking lot. With a single press of a button, you can locate your car. Nothing’s going to be that easy.

- Can make your homes smart

Whether you believe it or not, SmartAddress has the potential to turn your house into a future-ready property. With this tech, you can easily identify and manage each and every location in and around the neighborhood. You can make the system entirely public or private in a few seconds. When integrated with IoT, you can take this tech to a whole level.

- Can make hospitals and services safer and accessible

In extreme stress and emergencies, we, being the leading micro-location service provider, can come in handy. How? You may ask; well, our tech can easily provide your accurate location to E9-1-1 responders. With MicroMap®, CityPlus®, AddressPlus®, and 1M™ technologies, we can provide an exact location to whomsoever it may concern.

Last Words

If you feel like SmartAddress is going to bring in the revolution, do make sure to comment below and let us know. Besides that, if you are planning on giving this technology a try, consider looking us up. We, being the leading indoor positioning solution provider, would be more than happy to help you out.

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