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SmartPoint®  Applications

The Smartest Way to Go®

SmartPoint's new patented SmartAddress® technology is designed to provide a universal location registry and DNS-like naming system for all locations and micro-locations, helping provide an open, AI enabled real-time, micro-location (RTML) single source of truth for all users and services.    Similar to how telephone numbers and domain names provide single, critical universal referencing systems, we leverage our multi-patented  SmartAddress technology to enable unique micro-location addresses and IDs designed to work across all maps and location-based services.  

SmartAddress®, MicroMap®, CityPlus®, AddressPlus®, and 1M™ technologies can be used across all industries and services to provide mission critical RTML information, and thus will be key enablers and enhancers of artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles and devices (AVs), the Internet of Things (IoT), and a slew of other next generation products, services, and information sources that depend on interoperability and RTML referencing and routing.  

Here are a few of the many anticipated use of SmartAddress technologies:

Smart Buildings

911 and Other Emergency Services


Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality


Deliveries and Logistics

Smart Homes

Farms and Land 


Smart Buildings and Indoor Positioning

An Address For Everything®

Smart Buildings and indoor positioning start with SmartAddress® technology.    Any RE Owner, operator, or occupant can identify and reference and share any location in or around a property or building with pinpoint accuracy with our incredibly simple, elegant and multi-patented AddressPlus®,  MicroMap®, and 1M™ geocoding and addressing technologies.  Owners then have total control over who, how, when and where others can access what SmartPoint locations and information.  SmartAddress technology makes it easy for owners to enhance user experiences, optimize vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow for safety, track assets, reduce maintenance and services costs, and enable numerous other micro-location delivery, parking, and other services.   Importantly, SmartPoint captures and make it easy for owners to view and analyze all traffic in and around their properties. 

Whether it's identifying parking lot or building entrances, EV, AV, Carpool or other special parking areas or space, parcel and food deliveries, or accessing available emergency services,  SmartPoint eliminates countless, repetitive and time-consuming questions, frustrations and misunderstandings and lets owners provide any information they want to anyone at any time.  


E911 and Other Emergency Services

When Seconds Count, 1Meter Matters

When time is of the essence, SmartPoint helps provide extremely simple and intuitive micro-location references with pinpoint accuracy to help E911 and other emergency responders know exact locations and obtain optimal routing information.   Our simplified micro-location reference system is the shortest, easiest and best way to reference, report, or navigate to micro-locations and connect to real-time information about those locations.   Whether it's on a lake, field, or on the 8th story of an office building or warehouse, SmartPoint's multi-patented SmartAddress®, MicroMap®, CityPlus®, AddressPlus®, 1Meter™ and 1M technologies can help provide detailed and precise victim location information, routing, and even private medical alerts for victims through a very privacy-centric RTML referencing and information system for E911 and other emergency responders.  Recent FCC regulations require wireless carriers to provide PSAPs elevation (z) information from cellular E911 calls with 3 meter accuracy, which makes it important for emergency responders to translate elevation information into building floors or levels.  SmartPoint can help building owners, operators, and occupants ensure that first responders have access to extremely accurate floor elevations and other real-time information to help save lives. 



An Address For Every Parking Space®

SmartPoint enables a universal SmartAddress ID and micro-routing for every single parking space.  Whether it is a parking space on the street, in a large parking structure or mall, or a single space in an empty garage in a single family home, every space can have a permanent, unique SmartAddress ID with our exclusive 1M™ technology that enables anyone to quickly identify, reference,  and share the exact location of that parking space along with detailed directions, pricing, routing and even availability.    


Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitality

An Address For Every Hotel Room® 

At SmartPoint, we believe that our solutions will soon provide a critical piece of the best guest experiences in the hotel and lodging industry.  Whether it is finding and ridesharing to that obscure AirBnB, finding, booking, checking in, or navigating directly to your hotel room and bypassing registration, or ordering hotel room service deliveries from Uber Eats, GrubHub, or the front desk or third party, SmartPoint will provide help automate and provide new and compelling user experiences.



From Home Health Care to Major Hospitals and Medical Complexes

Mobilizing Locations® -- Patients can 'own and control' their SmartAddress locations for their homes with optional custom information like special directions and parking guidance.    Hospitals, healthcare providers and others can provide patients detailed 'to the door' micro-routing in and around hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities and complexes. 


Deliveries and Logistics

AddressPlus®,  MicroMap®, CityPlus® and 1Meter™ Technologies Will Change The World of Deliveries and Logistics

SmartPoint enables anyone to quickly define a point or area for any delivery, storage, staging, lay-down area or other location with a dedicated SmartPoint ID with micro-routing and other important information.  SmartPoint eliminates countless, repetitive and time-consuming questions, answers, and misunderstandings like  "How do I get there?" "Where do I park?" "Where do I leave the food delivery, materials, packages, etc.?"   From the exact staging area for a construction project to helping the pizza delivery person/robot find the apartment complex, building, parking spot, temporary gate/code, stairway/elevator, etc. to get straight to the apartment door, SmartPoint will help.


Smart Homes

An Address for Everything®

Smart Homes start with SmartAddress® technology.    We  enable anyone to make Smart Homes smarter by using the SmartAddress system to identify and manage every location in and around the home with pinpoint accuracy.  Owners then have total control over who, how, when and where others can access what SmartPoint locations and related information.  By helping others find, optimally navigate to, park, meet, or whatever, you can help reduce wasted time, fuel, and carbon emissions with inaccurate or incomplete directions and information.    We estimate that SmartAddress technologies will help save millions of gallons of wasted fur

Whether it's managing the Smart Home's Internet of Things ("IoT") locations to "last mile" delivery or other directions, parking, drone delivery, or even 'what's nearby' tips and tricks, SmartPoint eliminates countless, repetitive and time-consuming questions, answers, and misunderstandings and lets owners provide any information they want, even enabling owners to correct google maps and directions, and someday soon designate the EXACT drone drop zone.  


Farms, Land, Golf Courses, Lakes, etc.

An Address for Everything®

SmartPoint is the exclusive provider of SmartAddress® technology for any farm, golf course, lake, park or other properties or areas.  We help anyone create, manage and selectively share location information about farms or other properties.   From the approximate boundaries of the whole property to a short 1Meter™ 4-6 digit numeric geocode any relevant parcel to precise location location on or near any property or area with our AddressPlus®, MicroMap® and 1M™ geocode, SmartPoint makes it easy to capture the exact location and information, write it down, say or type it, or to share it with anyone.  From custom directions down some obscure rural road or gate to the AddressPlus®, MicroMap®, and 1M™ numeric geocode identifies an exact location of that tree that needs to be treated or the cove on the lake where you need help.    SmartPoint makes it easy to provide detailed location information -- even pictures and other details. 



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