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Our Team

Our leadership includes experienced innovators and world-class technical subject matter advisors, including a leading AI expert as our CTO and leading geographers on our technical advsiory board.   An ex-IBM Master Inventor and one of a few key inventors on numerous IBM patents covering IBM's Watson AI technologies is our CTO, and we are led by Lee Hancock, who successfully launched go2, the world's first and for several years dominant mobile, local search and directory service on virtually all major U.S. carriers.   Read on for more . . . 


Lee Hancock, CEO

Lee is a serial inventor and technology entrepreneur/operator with particular emphasis on location information delivered over mobile devices. He was the founder of go2, which launched the world’s first and dominant mobile, local directory, search and information service for the first several years of the mobile web, ultimately serving billions of page views of mobile, local search results, information and directions to over two million monthly unique users for several years.  go2 also powered the first few years of Microsoft's mobile local search platform for wireless carriers and MasterCard's MasterCard Nearby local search App.  While at go2, Lee raised several rounds of institutional venture capital and/or strategic financings, obtained dozens of the biggest brands in the world as customers, sponsors and marketing partners (including Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Wyndham, Purina, Acura).   Lee also established key strategic alliances with leading technology companies like Amdocs and Verisign and serviced all of the major U.S. based wireless carriers. 

Lee is also a co-founder of inBuilding Systems Corp., and was corporate and finance partner with two major law firms, including Allen Matkins, a major California law firm, where he served as the chair of the corporate law department. Lee is a CPA, a member of YPO/WPO, and a member of Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year Hall of Fame.